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Welcome to the Abertillery Rock and Blues website..

Firstly let us give you a history lesson of Abertillery Blues Festival, don’t worry folks we won’t bore you with all the detailed history it’s just to give you an idea of how great this festival used to be !

The festival ran for 9 years, a gathering of like minded blues and rock fans attended from all over the country which attracted stars from UK and overseas far and wide.

The festival was featured in many Blues Magazines, such as Blues Monthly who on hearing that the 10th Blues Festival would not be continuing due to funding, gave a brilliant write up in their magazine

“LEADING blues magazine has expressed disappointment after council chiefs pulled the plug on a major festival which has attracted stars from the UK and overseas.”

“It is a great sadness for blues fans from all over the country who come, on what has become for many, a regular journey to Abertillery for the blues festival.” – Alan Pearce, Blues Matters

“Blues Matters magazine has supported it from day one and we have watched its reputation grow year on year.”

“Let’s hope that next year a generous sponsor can step up to the stage.”

It had be confirmed by Blaenau Gwent Council that they had to cancel the 10th festival as it sought to save £20m in three years. Money needed for roads, services, amenities, important matters but not music folks!

Music soothes the soul, make us feel good, everyone can come together to celebrate, have fun enjoy! (yes o.k. this last sentence is a bit hippy chick ) But the Council did not agree a blues weekend once a year cannot pave a road in the high street or supply much needed amenities. – A statement which most of us would totally agree with, not everyone would want to attend a music festival and would appreciate a finely tarmaced high street an efficient running Social Services and refuse collection

BUT where has our soul gone – we still need the music !!

Cue The first Abertillery Rock and Blues Weekend !

Abertillery Rock and Blues has been the creation of some die hard Rock and Blues fans in Abertillery, who felt the rock and blues should return to the town. O.K we don’t want a sob story here folks, but these people donated their own hard earned cash and time to this project without any thought of recouping their monies – it was done for love

The idea is loosely based on the Tenby Blues weekend and the Brecon Jazz weekend, with bands performing at various venues throughout the town involving local pubs and businesses . Returning to our roots and community spirit.

We feel it has been a resounding success, start small and build on this year by year. Glastonbury had to start somewhere – we are not saying we want a festival on that scale folks – we have no room, but it worked!

We hope next year to be bigger and better and would welcome any comments and suggestions on this website as we say we are a community and welcome your feedback and ideas who you would like to see at a future festivals.

Team AR&B